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You might have noticed my comment section looks a little.. blocky..

After my WordCamp Europe talk in Berlin about the block list module, I decided to polish up my examples some more and deploy to production.

A screenshot of the comment form with a block editor based UI

And so I present, block comments, a prototype of block editor powered comments.


How Does it Work?

It uses the <BlockList> component from Gutenberg to list blocks, with some wrapper components. This is then packaged up into a React component and wrapped in a friendly helper function, allowing me to replace any HTML input, with a basic block editor

Are There Any Issues?

Yes and no, use the latest version of the Gutenberg plugin for best results. Otherwise keep a close eye on clashes between editor UI CSS and theme CSS. If you need to add any styling to the editor to fix things, report it in the Gutenberg GitHub issues so that it’s fixed for everybody.

I Installed it On My Website And Now Everybody’s Dead

This isn’t on the plugins section yet as it’s more beta than GM/RC/finished. Take it as inspiration to learn and apply the lessons elsewhere.

How Do Images Work? What About Other Blocks?

If you scroll down and try out an image block, you’ll notice uploading isn’t an option, but using a URL is. I’ve included a whitelist of core blocks, but keep in mind that the plugin doesn’t change how WP processes comments, you are still restricted to the markup allowed in comments. So if you added a new block to the whitelist that used script tags, they’d be stripped out by WordPress on submission

What License is This Under?

I’ve chosen the GPL v2, the same as WordPress and the Gutenberg project.

Feel free to test out the comments below

7 thoughts on “Gutenberg Comments

  1. Hi Tom, I thought I would try this plugin out after reading about it on WP Tavern.

    I’ve added a Classic block but couldn’t add content to it.

    My embeds didn’t work either. 🙁

    Sorry, this content could not be embedded

    I added an image, but it can’t have alt text

    Thank goodness I couldn’t add a Columns block!

    You might end up with more comment moderation this way…

  2. This is my great, great comment!

    Hi Tom, I think this is a good idea, and I know this is just an exploration of how blocks can power every interface, but I think it is an overkill for comments. Unless it can be simplified? For instance, instead of having the categories for all the blocks (Common blocks, formatting, layout elements, etc), can you do away with them, and show only a few selected blocks all together, and maybe even showing all of them horizontally rather than vertically? Say, not more than 5 to 10 pre-selected blocks: heading, paragraph, image, youtube embed, etc, and all of them showing without having to scroll down (at least for desktop, not mobile). Then adding comments with blocks would make more sense logo

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