Using Blocks Outside The Editor

Given at WordCamp Europe 2019 Berlin, notes to come

Escape From New York

Given first in NYC, this is a talk about escaping output

WP The Right Way

Given at WordCamp Norway 2015, this talk told the story of WP The Right Way and the issues encountered, with advice for those looking to do their own ebooks

Advanced WP CLI

A talk on WP CLI usage in WordPress for more experienced users


A talk on WP CLI, what it is, super basic terminal usage, and a demonstration of what it can do

Code Dependencies & Composer

Managing code dependencies for WordPress via Composer

Composer and WordPress

A talk on composer deployment with WordPress


Given at March MWUG 2014, this talk covered the basics of using Vagrant

Outside The Bubble

Given at WordCamp Lancaster 2012, the talk exposed WordPress people to the PHP world at large