Mourning the loss of VIP Quickstart? A fan of VVV? Then I have something for you.

Presenting, an unofficial Tom and Lorelei venture: VIP VVVAvailable now on GitHub at

To setup, simply add this to your VVV’s vvv-custom.yml file under the sites section:

            - vip.local

Then run this command:

vagrant reload --provision

This will create a subdomain multisite configured for VIP development. All that’s left to do is checkout your theme in wp-content/themes/vip.

Note: Some of you may be using VIP Go, Simon Wheatley has you covered with VIP-VVV-Go

3 thoughts on “VIP-VVV

    • An important thing to note that I learnt since building it, is that not all folders are mounted on VIP Go, e.g. if you have wp-content/bananas, you can’t visit files in that folder on a VIP Go site, it can be read from PHP, but isn’t presented to the open web. However, VIP-VVV will happily serve that folder

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