LEAF Tea Tasting

Tea at LEAF

So I heard LEAF were running a tea tasting session for the first time. Ran by a lady named Kayleigh, it covered the history and applications of Tea, complete with a tasting of 12 different teas.

LEAF on Bold St is a tea shop and bar located in Liverpool, whos building was once an old cinema.

Tea Samples for 3 People

Attending with two friends, we were surprised by a free sample of tea as we sat down, and a small leaflet detailing facts about Tea and the varieties we would be tasting. Having waited for all 15 of us to arrive, she told us the legend of how Tea was discovered by the Chinese Emperor, moving on to the health benefits and uses of Teas. It was then that we were presented with our first cup of tea, a Silver Needle.

Moving from multiple White Teas to Green Teas, then Oolong, followed by black and finally Herbal, she explained each in turn, passing the containers so that we could smell the loose leaves prior to brewing, and explaining the appropriate methods.

Midway through the evening, Kayleigh split us into two teams, and gave us six unidentified leaves to name, some of which we had been given to try, and others we had not.

As the evening came to a close, we asked questions, and were delighted to be served 3 additional teas. After asking about the difference between Peppermint and Morrocan Mint Teas, we were given a cup of each to try for ourselves, along with a cup of Butter Truffle, and a chance to pass around a large container of Butter Truffle Loose Leaves to smell.

Where there’s Tea there’s Hope

– LEAF Tea Signage

All in all I was quite pleased, especially considering it was the first time the event had ran. I’m told in future the selection of teas will change, so there’s no danger of things growing over-familiar, and if that doesn’t work out there’s always the pudding club

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