WordCamp Edinburgh 2012 – Friday

My first time in Edinburgh and my second WordCamp. Here’s some of the things we got up to on Friday evening

The Drive Up

While the rest of Interconnect/it dashed around Liverpool finding batteries, myself and the glamorous Lydia Bates took a hire car up to Edinburgh. The plan was she’d drive and I’d work in the passenger seat on a joint venture of ours we hope to launch this weekend.

After a brief stop off in Gretna for starbucks and battery replenishment, we got on our way passing through the beautiful scenery and certain other locations…

Biggar should really be reffered to the Advertising Standards Agency… That’s all there is?! — Lydia Bates

The Evening

After the delights of Biggar and Gretna, we arrived in Edinburgh and rejoined the rest of Interconnect/it. We headed to the Shakespeare for pre-social drinks followed by food at Illegal Jacks.

Lydia and James demonstrating the cement like properties of Nachos

After gorging on Texican/Mexican food we headed to the Standing Order, a former Bank, with an amazing ceiling:

Going Live at a Pub?

While sat in the standing order, myself and Lydia put our latest enterprise live to the web, www.yourwebsiteishorrible.com , an easy way to anonymously tell somebody that their site is terrible, thus avoiding any offence. We let them know what went wrong, and how they might fix it.

Surrounded by beers and ciders, we put our new creation live, built on the way up to the Hotel Friday afternoon

After some embarrassing drunken mis-recognitions, we got a Taxi back and got ready for Day 1. I’ll be putting up a post on Sunday for day 1 of the conference, and day 2 will come on Monday. Here are some photos I took:

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